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How to paraphrase Articles without being plagiarised.

Are you trying to set up a blog but are fed up with the tiresome practice of writing unique content only to see that it contains plagiarism? To get rid of this paraphrase the content.

Have you put all your efforts into carving out an exemplary sales copy but ended up in vain? Writing is not an easy thing and writing uniquely is not a child’s play.

create amazing content by using an online paraphrasing tool.

Over the years, the internet has engulfed our lives and placed its mark on everything concerning us. Blogging has evolved to something quite different, thanks to the boom in it.

Now you can earn tons of money, become an influencer, and set up new businesses by writing. You may have never imagined that you can gain such benefits merely from writing.

Change tools for the changing needs:

First, to keep pace with this changing world you have to know its dynamics. Businesses are moving online by leaps and bounds.

The current surge of the coronavirus has transformed e-commerce. Moreover, it’s much easier to sell your products and services online.

You can reach thousands of people with a single blog post or sales copy. Gone are the days when you move door to door to reach potential customers.

But here is a catch!

Will you buy from a salesman who is telling you the same things that you already know? Wouldn’t it be boring? We only pay heed to something worth interesting.

According to Microsoft, the human attention span has sharply decreased to a mere 8 seconds since the 2000s.

That’s why bloggers are coming with a different content marketing strategy.

You can’t cajole your readers to read your blog completely unless you are telling a different story or at least portraying the same story differently.

Here arises a question. How can you create unique content? Before moving to the point here is a term that you should know first: “Plagiarism

No matter how much effort you have put in while writing your content, it’s good for nothing if it contains plagiarism.

What is plagiarism?


“the process or practice of using another person’s ideas or work and pretending that it is your own”. (Cambridge Dictionary)

Plagiarism is a menace, a termite that eats all your efforts and maligns your credibility. To guise, it is simple copy-pasting.

Moreover, plagiarized content is a disaster for SEO.

Google bots also called spiders are such intelligent that they while crawling through the web easily detect plagiarism and do not rank the content which contains plagiarism.

Now if you have written a well-knitted article but it contains plagiarism then your work will remain into oblivion, escaped from the sight of potential readers.

Writing unique content without plagiarism by paraphrasing:

  • The first thing that comes is research. Research several sources including magazines, research papers, and even documentaries. If you have researched your topic then you have already done your half work.
  • The next thing is to set up the tone of your article. You should know that an article written in a conversational tone ranks easily.

Because firstly, it does not contain plagiarism as it’s written in your own words.

Secondly, it feels natural as if you are talking to someone. So, it engages the readers towards reading a complete blog post.

However, unique content creation is a hectic task requiring a lot of time. When you don’t know to think out of the box you can get help from published work.

You can get rid of plagiarism either by paraphrasing someone’s work manually or by using an online sentence paraphrase tool.

We will deal with them one by one.

How to paraphrase your sentences without rephrase tool?

To rephrase manually means to rewrite someone else’s work in such a way that it does not contain plagiarism.

By rewriting, you would get the theme from other’s work and use it for yourselves. If your language is par excellence, then go for it.

But keep in mind, paraphrasing does not mean changing synonyms and sentences rather it’s a complete exercise to put all linguistics faculties at work.

It, however, takes a toll on your time and energy. If you want to perform manual paraphrasing, then follow these steps:

  • Use a thesaurus to fetch synonyms.
  • Read the article thoroughly that you want to paraphrase.
  • Highlight the sentences that you think you can write better.
  • Use phrases and clauses to paraphrase sentences.
  • Be careful, that the meanings are not lost.
  • Read your produced text several times.

These steps look as simple as 1,2,3 but they are more complex than any complex problem.

Because you have to follow these rules and you can’t alter them.

Staying at the limit can cost you much time and energy and if you are new to blogging, chances are there that you may end up writing something else.

So, sticking to the point is the cardinal thing while paraphrasing.

Even when you have paraphrased text, you don’t exactly know if it stills contains plagiarism or not.

After checking if it still contains plagiarism, chances are there that you may get depressed or leave your work. So, grab the cup of patience and write voraciously.

Online paraphraser tool removes plagiarism:

It’s your choice to either stick to old methods or find something new.

Every old technology was sometimes novel to its contemporaries.

Subject to your fantasy, you can use orthodox methods, but you can shift to new tools to be more productive.

An online paraphraser removes plagiarism easily.

You don’t have to go through the arduous task of paraphrasing sentences one by one by yourself.

You can use this tool with just one click.

Due to the scarcity of ideas, it’s normal to get help from published articles and blog posts for the sake of better knowledge and information.

But if you just copy/paste that information than you can’t hit the mark. A typical English text has the following main parts:

  • Sentence structure.
  • Words being used as nouns and other parts of speech.

So, a sentence paraphraser changes your sentences and words by replacing similar words and making new sentences.

What is the technology behind the paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing online is much easier, better, and productive. Let me show you how.

Paraphrasing tool is based on the use of NLP (Natural Language Processing), being in vogue it is the latest step towards greater artificial intelligence.

Simply, you can understand NLP through the following examples:

  • Google’s engine results are based upon your text.
  • Youtube’s video suggestions also depend upon the videos you searched before.
  • Facebook shows ads based on your search volume.

In this way these tech giants know what you are searching and based on it they can predict precise results about the future.

Different software companies and businesses are trying to gather such information to understand trends and consumer needs.

These trends are being used to do market analyses one way or the other.

How to use a paraphraser?

Generally, they all have the same features and uses. Because essentially, they do the same work, however, some of them are more efficient than others.

Follow the following steps to use a paraphrasing tool.

  • Enter the text you want to paraphrase.
  • Click on the “paraphrase” button
  • Use the paraphrased text wherever you want

You will see that the paraphrasing tool that you are using changes words and sentences in your text.

Therefore, it is also called word paraphraser or sentence paraphraser.

Now it’s up to you I have given my insights for your convenience. Simply google the paraphrasing tool and you will get plenty of results.

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