How paraphrased content affect your SEO strategies?

Are you a blogger looking for a way out of oblivion? Or a content marketer wanting to get enough traffic on your website?

Probably, you don’t know the reason why you are still lagging. Don’t worry every puzzle has a way out.

First things first, you should improve the quality of your content.

Remember! Your presentation is the key factor.

Not only your reader but also the search engine knows you from your content.

To boost your value, you should write unique content free from plagiarism.

Google abhors plagiarized content. Reasonably, no one will appreciate you for stealing someone’s thoughts without giving them credit just for the sake of your ease.

Merriam Webster describes plagiarism as:

“To steal and pass off (the ideas or words of another) as one’s own”

Google considers it an offense to copy someone’s words and paste them on your website. Moreover, it’s not good for your website’s SEO health.

But it’s difficult for you to write unique content when there are tons of articles present on a single topic.

So, the answer lies in “paraphrasing”. It is recreating someone’s text in your way yet keeping original ideas. This can be done by different paraphrasing tools available online.

get rid of plagiarized content-improve your website’s SEO strategy by paraphrasing.

Some people think that SEO is just about building links and earning backlinks (though they are important).

However, it’s not so; well-rephrased SEO content can make you hit the mark. Let me show you how the paraphrasing tool helps improve your website’s SEO.

To be an SEO geek, you need to practice more than 200 ranking factors. Thanks to the tools available online you can now easily research keywords, check domain authority, etc.

But the most essential ranking factor is to produce engaging and original content. For that matter, rewriter comes into play.

You can create a top-notch article by taking these measures.

Write understandable text:

Are you selling your products or services to scholars only? Writing marvelous content is one thing but making it understandable for everyone is another.

You must know that internet traffic comes from varied people. Old, as well as young, use the internet to search for various things.

So, your text should be such that people don’t have to search for difficult words in a dictionary. Otherwise, they will lose interest and go away.

Research by NCES (National Center for Education Statistics) tells that 94% of children ages 3 to 18 have access to the internet.

If you have written heavy vocabulary in your content, then you are not going to tap on this big resource.

If it’s not easy for you to write simple English that is understandable to everyone then try using a text rephrase tool.

There are many free Paraphrasing tools out there.

They reword your sentences and replace difficult words with simple ones. Usually, a blogger, while writing, struggles with it because naturally, these words don’t come to mind.

After going through several drafts, you can write a masterpiece. But why struggle when you have a paraphrasing tool that does this task in a single click.

Adjust proper keywords:

Every content writer knows how cardinal keywords are for SEO.
Proper keyword usage is the first lesson you should learn in this field. Keywords are the terms that people usually search for a particular topic.

Google bots while crawling through your content, understand keywords, and indexes that information.

So that next time when a person will search for that topic, Google can show him the best results.

Initially, content writers used to do keyword stuffing where they would repeatedly use the same keyword many times to trick Google to rank their website.

But as Google has now revised its algorithms, keyword stuffing becomes worthless. The good news for you is that now you can use similar words to a specific keyword.

A well-written introduction and heading with proper keywords is the best thing that you should do.

Here, the paraphrasing tool again helps you to choose the synonyms for a keyword.

Make interesting content:

A person visiting your site is not looking for dull articles. People will not struggle through your text in any case, no matter how much informative content you are providing.

Therefore, engaging content is the main factor in site ranking. According to Microsoft, our average screen attention time is 8 seconds.

Owing to this fact, you should try to create engaging content lest the reader moves away.

Even a large number of backlinks are good for nothing if people don’t spend time reading you.

Only you can create such content by using a paraphraser. It helps you start each paragraph differently.

Remove grammatical errors:

These mistakes are a big blunder.

Try removing these mistakes because they create a bad impact on the readers.
Common mistakes like typos indicate that the writer is not much interested in conveying information, or he/she is not good enough to be called a content creator.

Therefore, they will shun your endorsements and marketing strategies right away. An AI paraphraser will remove all your grammatical mistakes.

Its in-built algorithms do not mess up your writing errors. Hence, you will get error-free content. Your reader will assume that you are a pro.


Although better SEO encompasses a whole lot of techniques, unique content creation is the most important. You are not bound to use a paraphrasing tool, but it adds value to your work.

In addition, it assists you when you have no time to go for trivial methods. The best thing is these tools are free of cost and readily available.

Besides, they produce results instantly. You should only click to see the results in seconds.

You may find some extra benefits if you search for the best tools across the internet because every service provider has made his tool different.

In this way, it maintains a competitive environment.

A paraphrasing tool, therefore, enhances your website’s SEO. Chances are there that you may end up in the top results of SERPs. Try using such a tool and thank me later.

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