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Guidelines To Write SEO friendly articles

Article writing is a significant undertaking in the contemporary age. The era of the internet and technology has added to the need for article writing. Hello World. 
Today, not a single website exists without content. Content is the greatest source for your site ranking in Google search engines. 

Daily, you visit tens to hundreds of websites and you go through countless articles uploaded on the sites each day.
Upon going through the articles, what you think? 

You might have felt envy of the authors who created the uploaded blogs and articles.

You can also name a list of authors from your favorite websites. The idea of writing an article on your own might have come to your mind while reading an article on the internet.

The method of article writing is not hard to master. There are some general and advanced rules for composing an article.

However, the article structure and styles vary in creative forms as per the target audience and readers.

In the current age, many people have opted for writing as their profession and a source of living.

Writing is essential for every field of life, no matter, business, blogging, web development, copywriting, and creative writing.

Through this article, I will express some valuable methods of how to write an article manually with deep research and how article rewriter tools can help you in your writing tasks.

Please read the following step-by-step guidelines before writing an article and create the best quality content on your own.

•Rule 1: Choose Your Topic & Set Your Objectives

Topic pic

Anyone can write in the age of the internet. Create some content choosing a topic, post it, and say it an article. 

Almost everybody has something to say about article writing. But creating a good article needs some technique. 

Content that may not inspire the reader is just a wastage of time, however much time you devoted to composing it. 

An appealing and strong article is result-driven, converts the minds, achieves followers, has weight, and finds respect whereas a week article falls flat and the reader’s mind remains the same after going through it. 

One needs to ensure two things to compose a good article: good technique and good content. Following good technique, you can be able to create a converting article, and it is responsible to make or break your content.

In article writing, the first step is to choose the title and overcome the barrier to entry. 

An impressive opening paragraph can engage and compel your reader to read till last but if it doesn’t appeal to him, he will leave your article and move to the next. 

So, after choosing the title, think deeply about how to minimize the barrier to entry and attach your reader to give a thorough reading to your article. 

In the era of information, writing has become a major source of business and elevating your revenue. 

So, content creation demands your serious attention. Invest your effort to create interesting and worth reading content. 

Make sure that your starting paragraph is short and catchy and your writing should say that you are providing value!

Rule 2: Create Short Paragraphs & Visually Appealing Text

Short Paragraphs

Before creating an article, think for a while which type of articles impress you to read thoroughly and which give an uninviting look? 

The answer is obvious short paragraphs, easily understandable language, and visually appealing text that inspires your readers. 

The clusters of dense paragraphs lose the readers’ interest and they move forward to click another appealing content.

Never compromise on your reader’s interest as through your pen you will convert your reader into your customer. Rest assured that your paragraphs are short and language is understandable and tantalizing. Your writing creates a first great, lasting impression on your site visitors and it feels like an accomplishment. 

Break your text into small paragraphs, and get your reader to chase the words from one paragraph to another. 

Incorporate one idea in each paragraph and balance the text with empty spaces – like short pauses between spoken sentences.

Remember, short doesn’t mean unstylish and incomplete information. It means impart precise and beautiful content.

•Rule 3: Create Brief and Concise Content

Be brief

We already have discussed similar things above but creating concise and to the point content is important enough that it deserves to be an independent rule.

Brevity is the soul of wit

Follow this principle and create short and sweet sentences. Remove all the unnecessary and cheap words from your sentences and you will see it will work. It takes time but gives credit in the end!

•Rule 4: Pen down the Essence of the Idea You Want to Convey

Write main points

During my content writing practices, often I happened to read articles that said nothing. I was a learner that time but still, I judged the content to be fluff. 

Avoid such undertakings and try to put the essence of the idea in your writing. This way your writing will automatically become precise, brief, and well-defined. 

An article is not composed for the sake of content but to convey useful information and problem-solving for the audience.

Don’t place just words on the heart of paper but promote ideas, information, and creativity. 

Be honest and provide only useful information to your readers, thinking that they can give you a lot of business and can take your revenue to the next level.

Rule 5: Create an Organic Story

Writing the organic story

Another guideline that you should keep in view before writing an article is to create an organic story. 

Its human nature that they love stories and once they get in touch with a story at the start of an article, they are sure to read the entire blog. 

People always respond to interesting stories and note this great rule in your diary. Be creative and create your article as if you are telling a story. 

Read a few story-like articles and you will get an idea of how to share information in the form of a story. 

Story-telling is an ideal method to open an article. Through the story, you can excellently illustrate your point. 

If you are describing the features of a tool in your article. Start telling how you used the specific tool yourself and what results you acquired. 

Surely, this organic story will inspire your readers! Dry writing will not impress the readers in the content-oversaturated age of the internet. Exert your genius to inject some flavor into your writing.

•Rule 6: Target Your Audience

Keep your audience engage

The writer must know for whom he/she is writing the particular article. Note down the points you want to deliver to your audience about your brand or services. 

Also, try to know the pain points of your audience and create a solution for them through your article. 

Your writing binds you in a long-term and trustworthy relationship with your audience. 

Carry out deep research and get informed how the successful businesses are dealing with their audience, what type of content they are delivering, and what services they are offering. 

Follow their principles but do not copy their content. Be original and invest your creativity to connect with your audience

•Rule 7: Proofread Your Article before Submitting


It is an essential rule to proofread your whole article before uploading. Editing skills are not enough to get your content free of spelling or grammatical errors. 

No writer can claim that his/her article is 100% error-free without proofreading. They must proofread their articles before submitting them. 

An article containing even slight mistakes fails to create an impact on readers. Do a thorough keen reading of them, and ensure a seamless reading flow!

• Rule 8: Use Paraphrasing Tools

Paraphrase Text

The bloggers, content creators, copywriters, freelance writers, and researchers devote huge amounts of time to create quality content. 

They are required to generate unique and efficient articles under a tight deadline. 

They have to submit thousands of word content by the end of each day. 

Developing writing skills helps create great content but even then, the writers seek help from some reliable Al tools.

Today, dozens of rephrasing tools are supporting writers, bloggers, essayists, and copywriters to generate 100% original and plagiarism-free articles. 

These tools prove helpful for students to create their assignments with zero plagiarism

These article paraphrasers tools, as the name indicates, work on the principle of rephrasing the given content. 

The writers and students search for the relevant articles, copy-paste in the article paraphrasing tool, and get the paraphrased content just with one click.

What Benefits the Students and Writers can Reap Using Article Rewriter Software

Today, we see not a single aspect of life where advanced technology has not delivered benefits. 

Almost all online business persons are reaping the advantages of using article rewriter software. 

Here’s a list of countless benefits of using Paraphrasing tools. 

  •  The students of Cambridge, Oxford, Yale, and other universities receive a lot of writing assignments with many requirements. 
  •  Too many writing tasks make it difficult for a student to create something from scratch. What do they do in such a situation? 
  •  They get the required material from Google, get it rephrased in a tool, and submit it within the specified time. These tools also check grammar and remove plagiarism. 
  •  Rephrasing is the method of rewriting any essay, article, or blog paragraph after paragraph. 
  •  Al article rewriter rewords the given content very quickly and efficiently and generates a fresh and unique academic paper. The students and writers can do it manually, but it demands tons of time. So, many website owners depend on article rewriter machine to paraphrase their website content.
  •  As a content writer, you have to meet the deadline and you don’t find time to compose the article or blog with deep research, get a lot of benefits using online paraphrasing tool and maintain your good repute in your professional circle by meeting the deadline. 
  •  Plagiarism is considered a sin and the article rewriter tools are packed with features that make them produce plagiarism-free articles, entirely different from the original article. 
  •  Even when the writers create their own content, they must pass their article through online software to check plagiarism. If a minor percentage is observed, remove it by changing some words, synonyms, phrases, and sentences to get the content absolutely free of plagiarism. 
  •  The writers and students stand in great benefit when they rephrase their tens to hundreds of articles in absolutely free rewriter software. They don’t have to pay a single penny to receive lots of unique and brand-new content. 
  •  The article rewriter tools are equipped with different formats and styles. You can choose the style and formats before clicking ‘paraphrase it.’ The online article rewriter software is equally beneficial for your personal and professional writing tasks. 
  •  The users can sign up for the article rewriter software anytime from any part of the globe.
  •  The rephrasing tools work automatically to remove the unnecessary words and phrases and break larger sentences into shorter and brief ones to make them precise, more readable, and meaningful. 
  •  The online paraphrasing machines quickly highlight the spelling, grammatical or mistakes and provide you with different, unique, and marvelous content.


I hope you have learned how to create high-quality, well-researched, and plagiarism-free articles and blogs employing your personal writing skills and article rewriter tools. 

Follow the guidelines mentioned above and improve your revenue, grades, and value producing inspiring and attractive content!

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