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If you have been looking for a paraphrasing tool; to rephrase or paraphrase online then this tool can be helpful. With the amount of content available online, it's difficult to prevent plagiarism. There's a chance you've included some sentences/phrases from another website without intending to copy.

These are some innocent mistakes that can be made by anyone but plagiarism checkers are not so forgiving in this matter. They would start showing plagiarism even if the content was not copied from the website.

For this purpose, a lot of people are starting to use sentence rephraser to write in easy words. Whether you are looking to rephrase just a sentence or to completely rewrite essay, paraphrase tool is a good choice.

Why use a paraphraser?

While there are a lot of paraphrasing tools online, a one of the main question that people think of is, why use a paraphrasing tool?

Paraphrasing tool is no longer just available for people to paraphrase a passage but it has found multiple purposes such as:

How this paraphrasing tool help in Improving content:

While writing content, there is already so many thoughts going on in a person’s head that they don’t have enough time to use the better synonyms or to correct the grammatical mistakes.
It is a one of the greatest problems for people who are not experienced in writing. Using a paraphraser or a paraphrasing tool helps in improving the words used in the content by rephrasing the content this tool also helps to remove plagiarism in your content

Best paraphrasing tool to Rewrite essays:

While writing a report or an essay for school, it is hard to generate all the content naturally.
Paraphrasing tools help the students in rewriting the content instead of having to rephrase and reword everything manually.

Content Rewriting:

It is natural to search up for some ideas online for your article or blog and get a lot of inspirational work.

A one of the common problem with this method is the plagiarism that follows.

Using a paraphrasing tool helps in changing the whole content while keeping the original meaning of it.

It helps in creating quality content without giving you the headache of a lot of plagiarism.

Paraphrasing Features

Some of the features that make the Paraphrasetool.net stand out include:


Human Level (AI) Paraphrasing

While trying to improve the SEO of a website, it is not just important to take care of the search engines guidelines but the actual audience has a great impact as well.
Until the content on the website is not readable, it is almost impossible for anyone to visit the website multiple times on purpose.

When trying to paraphrase online, a lot of tools can just spin the words or the article while it would make no sense to the readers.

This paraphraser uses special paraphrase bot including artificial intelligence to paraphrase the content to a human level.

State of the art AI technology

AI is taking a huge toll in the market as it is spreading like wildfire.
This sentence changer has been designed by using AI to not just replace words with synonyms but to rephrase entire sentences and rewrite essay and blogs.


Maintain Original Meaning

Whether you are writing original content and need to use some synonyms or are stealing a whole blog off a website, you would need to maintain the meaning.
There would be no point of using a sentence rephraser if the meaning of the whole sentence is lost while changing it.

While choosing a paraphrasing tool, you will need to make sure that it does not change the meaning of the article.

The plagiarized content would easily be unique without much tension as the sentence structure would be changed by keeping the core meaning of the content.

Easy accessibility:

Whether you are trying to paraphrase online on a laptop, mobile or an iPad, this tool is available across all platforms for easy usage.

All you need is the content you want to rephrase and a device to use the sentence rephraser.

You can type in the text yourself or just copy paste the text from some other website or a book and get it de-plagiarized in no time.

Multiple languages:

A one of the main reasons why paraphrasetool.net is getting the hype is the multiple languages option. Instead of having to stick to just one language, you can get the text in languages such as:
- Turkish
- German
- French
- Indonesian
- English
- Spanish
And get it rephrased

Free Usage:

While there is an option for people to upgrade their accounts with different plans, the platform is still free to be used online by people. After typing out the text or pasting it from the original source, click on ‘Paraphrase now’ and the content will be ready in a few seconds.

The other plans have some features which are not included in the free package.

But, it can still be used indefinitely to paraphrase as much content as required.

No word limit:

A lot of online free tools have a word limit which only allows you to paraphrase a certain amount of words at a time. It creates a lot of work load on the person as they have to keep copy pasting the content and the meanings of the last and first sentences might change since they are not being translated at once.

Our tool helps eradicate this problem by letting you upload as many words as you want at a time. They paraphrase online using AI (Artificial Intelligence) so the whole content still making sense after using the sentence rephraser.

Pricing plans:

Paraphrasetool.net is decinding to set three different plans for users.
If you are looking to use the tool for a long period of time for serious work, then purchasing a plan might be the right choice for you.

You can easily sign up on the platform using a google account or a general email.
It is the most famous among the academic students and teachers to help them with the work.
Thousands of students are using the premium plans to help them study and stay on top of their coursework.